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Network structure




Network organization and management structure

Coordination: Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands.




Management team: 

Project manager: Wendy van Hemmen, PhD

Coordinator: Prof. Ben van der Zeijst, PhD

Deputy coordinator: Ann Vossen, MD PhD


The management team meets weekly to discuss all management and coordinator tasks: 



Work Package (WP) leaders:

WP1: Hans-Jorg Warnatz, MPG, Berlin, Germany

WP2: Sjoerd van der Burg, LUMC, Leiden, the Netherlands

WP3: Xavier Saelens, VIB, Ghent, Belgium

WP4: Paul Griffiths, UCL, London, UK

WP5: Ben van der Zeijst, LUMC, Leiden, the Netherlands

WP6: Wendy van Hemmen, LUMC, Leiden, the Netherlands


Each WP team will meet at least once every 3 months to discuss the progress and plans of the WP. Within each WP, the WP leader is responsible for:



Executive Board:

The Executive Board (EB) consists of all WP leaders. The EB's main responsibility is to implement VacTrain in accordance with the contract with the European Commission. The EB meets at least twice a year to discuss their main tasks:



Supervisory Board:

The Supervisory Board (SB) consists of all partners, associate partners and rotating ESR representatives. The SB meets at least twice a year to discuss their main tasks:



Research and Training Advisory Committee:

The task of this committee is to give an independent view on the research and training programmes. This committee will meet once a year during the consortium meetings but can also give suggestions or be asked for advice on an ad hoc basis on for example valorisation issues, conferences and workshops.


Prof. Pier Luigi Lopalco (chair), head of the Vaccine Preventable Disease Programme of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Stockholm, Sweden.

Prof. Paul-Henri Lambert of the Centre of Vaccinology in the Department of Pathology and Immunology at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and Training work package leader of the EC-funded High Impact Project ADITEC.

Prof. Han van den Bosch, professor in International Public Health at the Free University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and business developer specialized in vaccines.

Prof. Mariagrazia Pizza, senior project leader of Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics in Siena, Italy.

Prof. Luc Hessel, previous Executive Director of Policy Affairs Europe at Sanofi Parteur MSD, and independent expert on the development of new vaccines and the implementation of vaccination programmes.



ESR committee:

The ESR Committee consists of all ESRs (VacTrainees).

Chair: Benedict Halbroth

Secretary: Ioanna Christopoulou


The main task of this committee is to communicate to the SB (through the ESR representatives) the experience of the ESRs with the research and training programmes of VacTrain.

Funded by the EU under the FP7 Marie Curie Action - Grant number: 316655