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04-07 September 2016 - 10th Vaccine Congress

The 10th Vaccine Congress will be organized by Vaccine, the premier journal for those interested in vaccine science. The congress will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and bring together leading experts from all over the world to share the latest cutting-edge discoveries in the field. Top-notch speakers are invited and will present state-of-the-art lectures in the field of vaccinology. Attendees have the opportunity to share and present your own research, as well as to form new relationships with potential collaborators.



14-16 September 2016 - Mucosal Vaccines, Adjuvants & Delivery

MUCOVAD 2016 will be held at CHUV/University of Lausanne in Lausanne, Switzerland. MUCOVAD 2016 will be an opportunity for researchers to hear updates on new developments in the area of mucosal vaccines and associated adjuvantation and delivery mechanisms/platforms. It will be of interest to researchers/contributors from academic programmes, industrial, governmental and regulatory groups.



10-12 October 2016 - World Vaccine Congress Europe

The annual World Vaccine Congress Europe will be held in Barcelona, Spain and is a proven conference and exhibition that delivers the innovators, disruptors and influencers from across the complete vaccine value chain. This event brings together government, big pharma, big biotech, SME Biotech, academia, government and the wider service provider community and their partners to discuss scientific, clinical and strategic advances and opportunities. Having brought together over 4000 stakeholders in its 15year history, this event provides the link between scientific development and commercialisation.



17-20 October 2016 - Clinical Vaccine Development and Biomanufacturing

This course will be organized by the University of Oxford and held in Oxford, UK. The course will be designed in close collaboration with clinicians, veterinarians and industrial partners who will provide topics including pre-clinical testing and the pathway from pre-clinical testing to field trials, vaccine immunogenicity and testing this in the field, need for correlates of immune protection, the different phases of vaccine testing from Phase I to IV, development of veterinary vaccines, Good Clinical Practice, vaccine markets and growth drives for developed and developing settings, biomanufacturing processes, Good Manufacturing Practice and how these are applied to vaccine production, and Quality Assurance and the use of molecular methods to verify quality.



25-29 October 2016 - Keystone Symposia: Translational Vaccinology for Global Health

The Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology (S1): Translational Vaccinology for Global Health will be held in London, UK and is part of the Keystone Symposia Global Health Series, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The time required to launch new global health vaccines is too long and the late failure rate is unsustainably high. Key barriers include insufficient diversity and quality of preclinical concepts and candidates, immunobiological ignorance, and a lack of understanding of correlates or mechanisms of protection. Root causes include siloed science and linear thinking; poor integration across the discovery/development/delivery ecosystem; and slow entry and limited throughput in early human proof of concept testing. This Keystone Symposia meeting aims to bring together those pioneering novel, creative solutions to these problems of global vaccine discovery and development across the academic/biotech/product development partner/pharma spectrum.





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